Happiness: pleated Ikea skirt

Sooo I have this huge backlog of sewing projects. Why? Partly because with 3 kids, my sewingtime is precious.

But it’s also because I’m just to much of a perfectionist. My favourite pastime is reading sewing blogs. Seeing all these great pictures and detailed posts, I become unsure about my makes and pictures.

And then time passes, and the number of unblogged projects grows. I realise perfect doesn’t exist, so without further ado I present one of my not so recent makes:

My happiness pleated skirt, (made in february! time flies)

My plan was to make a simple skirt with fabric from my stash. Well I thought it would be a simple make…

But with my perfectionism, it was actually pretty complicated and time consuming.

I was inspired by Tilly’s beautifull Thinking in shapes skirt. What I didn’t realise was that it’s almost impossible to get pleats across the design ánd match the sideseams ánd fitting to my measurements.

I learned more about pleats by this great detailed post from VeraVenus. I cut 2 rectangles for the back and front using the entire fabric width and  folded and basted the pleats using the graphic fabric design as a guideline, and cut the sides to get a patternmatching side seam.


Then I installed a simple sideseampocket, using a little piece of fabric I got from my grandmother and sewed this sideseam.

I made a simple rectangular waistband and attached it following the method described by Missmakes 3quarter circle skirt.

Finally I installed a invisible zip following the tutorial from Byhandlondon and made a wide double folded hem following the design of the fabric.

All edges are finished with the overlockstitch from my sewingmachine, using the overlockfoot.

And now I have this lovely colourfull skirt! I do need to make more matching tops. Taking pictures was another challenge with 3 kids and a husband who isn’t home before dark most of the time, and doesn’t like making pictures. First I made some pictures using the mirror, but when the sun was shining I just put my camera on a flat surface in our garden and snapped some using the selftimer. In hindsight the sun was too bright, but well there’s no such thing as the perfect results 😉



Hey kiddo! This time mommy wasn’t taking pictures of you actually



I’m pretty happy with this invisible zipper installation



Find the pocket


Back view, I think the pleat placement turned out pretty good.


Yay pocket! A bit low but still functional



Twirly skirt!


happy skirt!



This skirt makes me happy not only because of the colors, it also has a emotional value because of it’s history.

I bought this piece of fabric back in 2011, I remember it very clearly because it was the first time I was heading out after the birth of my second son Niek. Together with my twinsister and both my sons we went to Ikea Delft, wearing Niek in a babywearingwrap.

A few months later, Niek died at the consequences of a too late discovered rare liver disease. Now this silly piece of fabric reminds of that day out, when life was still simple and breezy and lighthearted…

About me

12037936_1049790881720845_7816244729569528366_nI’m Hilde, living in the Netherlands, 31 years, happily married and stay at home mother of 4.

Our second son died at the age of 5,5 months.

We have a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old daughter and a 11 month old boy

In a previous life 😉 I was a civil engineer

Because I couldn’t find clothes I love and fit I decided to start sewing. Until recently just for the kids, but I want to make stuff for myself now.

Being tall (1,82m) and slim it isn’t always easy to find good fitting clothes. Also my taste isn’t standard.

By starting a blog I hope to keep track of my progress.

And I just love reading other sewingblogs, the sewingcommunity is awesome!

Earlier I started knitting, I have made some patterns and there may be more in the future.

I’m a selfthaught crafter, I learned to knit, crochet and sew with help of inernet and books.

My blog is in English, because although I’m Dutch I learned all the crafty language in English, so generally I don’t even know the Dutch translation!


Hmmm ik ben een poos vergeten te bloggen!
Ik zal proberen regelmatig te updaten waar ik de laatste tijd mee bezig ben geweest.
Op het moment ben ik een streng superwash sokkenwol aan het verven voor een nieuw shawlette ontwerp dat ik in gedachten heb.

Hmmm I’ve forgotten to blog for a long time!
I’ll try to update regular what I’ve been doing lately.
At the moment I’m dyeing a skein of superwash sockyarn for a new shawlette design I have in mind.

In de planning: Arrow sweater voor L

Wat vliegt de tijd!

Druk met bedenken wat ik wil maken, en na lang neuzen op ravelry, waar letterlijk miljoenen patronen staan met vele voorbeeldprojecten, heb ik dan eindelijk een keuze kunnen maken.

Ik ga een Arrow sweater maken voor kleine L, die over n maandje alweer 1 jaar word!

Zonder mouwen, zodat het een fijn warm tuniekje is voor de koude dagen die rap komen.

Leuk aan dit model vind ik dat het simpel is, maar nét even anders dan standaard, doordat de meerderingen voor de raglan op een ongebruikelijke plaats zitten

Ik ga het zelf op maat aanpassen, wat patronen kopen doe ik liever niet 🙂

En ga het breien van Drops Lima.

Maar eerst een stekenproef maken

Dit lijkt tijdverspilling, maar is onmisbaar om een passend kledingstuk te krijgen.

Iedereen breid anders, met een andere spanning, en andere wol.

Als je zomaar begint en klakkeloos het patroon aanhoudt, kun je weleens uitkomen met een veel te breed of groot kledingstuk.

Het enige waar ik nog over twijfel is of ik beige of zwart ga gebruiken als “basis”kleur…
wat denken jullie ervan?